• “Knocking down the silos between marketing/merchandising and pricing/markdowns – this has the potential to become the game changer in regard to product profitability.”

    -Torsten Waack Van Wasen, COO, Alteri Investors

  • “This program would not have been possible without the support and generosity of SafeRock. We are grateful for their expertise, as it was essential in creating effective and interactive lessons that will engage students.”

    Perry Robins, MD, President of The Skin Cancer Foundation
    On SafeRock’s involvement in educational content for the foundation

  • “Hudson’s Bay and the SafeRock team collaborated to develop The Promotional Optimization tool that provides real-time analytics (and ROI) on flyer productivity. This system developed by SafeRock has enabled our teams to measure the efficiency and productivity of the marketing investment on a weekly basis.”

    -Hudson’s Bay

  • “Today’s brave new world of retail is challenged by soft global economic conditions, crowded brands, and a low barrier to entry for online competition. The scientific study of promotion effectiveness can help retailers forge  their omnichannel strategies and generate higher ROI.”

    -Citi Research report on SafeRock

  • “Promotions management is a critical tool that retailers have at their disposal to drive sales through effective communications to their customers. With over 10 years of experience, SafeRock retail provides best-in-class promotion management, ad creation, and execution functionality.”

    -Lori Schafer, SAS

  • “As a member of the Think Tank at UNT’s Global Digital Retailing Research Center, Shah provides guidance to the scholars on research priorities, builds relationships for the Center with industry leaders, and elevates the positioning of the Center on a national and a global level. His passion combined with his strategic planning ability has proven to be indispensable to our Digital Retailing degree program and to our Research Center’s growth.”

    -Richard E. Last, Senior Director
    UNT Global Digital Retailing Research Center

  • “Understanding critical cross-functional, multi-departmental dynamics that shape performance makes all the difference in creating faster collaboration. This leads to early quick wins followed by implementation of long-term, game-changing strategies. The results are clear,  SafeRock delivers performance.”  

    -Craig Levra, COO Goodwill Southern California