Brands and CPG

Improving performance


In a changing retail environment increasingly dominated by a few e-commerce giants, brands have greater opportunities than ever. 

CPG and FMCG manufacturers are also facing complex challenges in the 21st century—among them saturation in mature markets, polarization between market concentration, volatile sourcing and materials markets, and changing consumer behavior. Both B2C and B2B environments are facing unprecedented disruptions from ecommerce and multi-channel shopping. Businesses have to successfully master how to engage customers over all channels and customer touch-points. We can capture great growth opportunities when we apply our resources with purpose. 

From sourcing and supply chain, to category management and marketing, to ESG and risk management for executive teams and boards, each and every aspect of the business now requires a reorientation. Companies have to exploit new market opportunities while adjusting to the ecommerce-driven reality that modern customers expect – including immediate online transactions and swift same-day delivery where possible. 

Online digital media marketing offers great opportunities to maintain your voice with the customer. Harnessing this potential requires balancing ROI online and offline and must be supported by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and real-time analytics combined with comprehensive after-the-fact reviews.

In this environment, best-in-class companies are using:

  • Strategy to integrate all sales channels
  • Capturing lost sales
  • Real-time marketing campaign tactics
  • Thorough post-mortem review
  • Deciding how to best partner with commerce platforms

We are experts in managing such challenges and strengthening your company’s competitive edge. Working with global leaders and technology, we support CPG clients to find effective, deployable, and reliable solutions. We provide strategies that work, and we know how to improve, re-engineer, and restructure a business to best meet our clients’ financial, operational, and shareholder needs.


Market pressure is rising, and optimizing both top and bottom lines is mandatory. We need to move away from gut feelings and make data-driven decisions. The modern challenge is to use technology to strengthen your Sales and Operations and improve line of sight to the customer, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. These systems enable one-time data entry and improve transparency in your workflow to keep everyone on the same page. To optimize value, these should be integrated with your innovation pipeline, R&D, and intellectual property. The results are agile operations that decrease costs and increase bottom line EBIT, while at the same time protecting financial efficiency and driving entry into future markets. 

Our CPG and FMCG experience covers a variety of sectors, including:

  • Apparel
  • Automotive
  • Beauty/cosmetics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Durables 
  • Convenience goods
  • Food & beverage
  • Furniture
  • Hardware
  • Household goods
  • Luxury
  • And more

Our clients utilize multiple transaction formats, including: 

  • Direct to consumer (DTC)
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Mobile
  • Live streaming commerce


We identify and strengthen your key trading partnerships, sharpen promotion decisions and increase marketing ROI, and recapture excess fat from S&OP, add resilience to supply chain, extend your financial runway, and improve shareholder value. 

From innovation portfolios to supply chain planning and customer line-of-sight, we have successfully guided top-tier clients to leverage new market opportunities and gain competitive advantage. Together, we can improve your bottom line profits and top line sales. 

Whether it is digital transformation, lean operations, or supply chain resilience, let’s explore this together. We are happy to share our operational experience and ways to reduce company risk. We work with you and guide you to grow business value, improve strategic position, strengthen leadership, deliver data-driven outcomes, and use analytics to improve results and EBIT. 

Working together, we can:

  • Strengthen strategic partnerships with most important customers
  • Focus Brand investments in line with shopper needs and opportunities
  • Grow sales and profits and improve ROI with existing spend
  • Accurately measure the effects of online and offline promotions
  • Improve the effectiveness of marketing spending
  • Measure the excess value from online advertising, social media presence, etc.


We provide companies with comprehensive data and analytics to optimize spending across one or many channels. For more information about how we can help you improve your reach, contact us.