Company Profile


About Saferock

SafeR​ock is a global analytics and strategy firm that advises preeminent US and international companies to improve company value and efficiency. With offices in New York City, Los Angeles, and Dubai, we provide strategy, analytics, and Big Data solutions. We focus on improving Customer Engagement and Shareholder Value. SafeRock licenses its ‘Best in Class’ SaaS analytics software, among others, to retailers and brands. This system improves merchandising and marketing ROI for online and retail companies.

Our Approach

SafeRock offers complementary skills, products, and technologies to current suppliers, which extends our ability to increase business. SafeRock recommends an approach which starts with the end-user client. Because each organization’s environment is unique, we identify specific customer needs through a joint team of qualified professionals representing all supplier partners. Responsibilities and deliverables are defined in a work plan developed and implemented by the team.

Giving Back

SafeRock believes in giving back and continuously does so through pro bono work and advisory roles. 

  • We are pleased to have contributed and developed health awareness and educational content for the Skin Cancer Foundation, dedicated to the mission of decreasing the incidence of skin cancer through public and professional education and research. 
  • SafeRock serves on the Young Executive Council for The Council for Economic Education, which promotes financial literacy and mentorship for students and educators in the United States, 
  • SafeRock is an Advisor to The Maria Cristina Foundation, an international charity that provides education to children in slum districts of Bangladesh.