About SafeRock





SafeRock supports your business with custom solutions, co-investment in joint projects, and advanced solutions that bring new perspectives and answers.

SafeRock serves global and regional companies to advance their growth. We bring a unique combination of strategy and deep expertise in data science and algorithms, to support efficient, streamlined digital modernization. Our experience spans multiple sectors including consumer, food, retail, industrial, chemical, healthcare, and energy.



At SafeRock, we have a strong track record for improving S&OP, enhancing line of sight to the customer in B2B and B2C settings, and helping align internal and external workflows. These actions drive higher marketing ROI, increased sales, and greater profitability. Our tools also include tried-and-tested asset valuation models, and strategic analysis to help clients right-size operations or reset their Business Model.

At SafeRock we help our client to improve their financial bottom line, gain market advantage, and increase company value. We can strengthen sales and operations, reduce time to market, and improve market position. Where appropriate we recommend companies to leverage advanced analytics and Big Data in a systematic manner to drive these benefits. We enable streamlined digital workflows for businesses connecting supply chains from manufacturing to the customer. 

SafeRock’s proprietary tools and algorithms optimize ROI and integrate online and offline commerce. We continually leverage our deep operational expertise and combine it with best practices to support stakeholders and increase company value.



SafeRock was founded in 1997 to provide services for retailers, brands, and publishers by applying data science to improve market segmentation with customized content. We provide a unique combination of executive strategy combined with deep operational experience and innovative data science. 

SafeRock has developed unique technologies and solutions for e-content, enterprise systems, and businesses around the globe. SafeRock has been recognized for its innovative software development with grants from Adobe and the Government of Canada, and owns USPTO Patent #20080155390.



SafeRock believes in giving back and continuously does so through pro bono work and advisory roles. We are pleased to have contributed and developed health awareness and educational content for the Skin Cancer Foundation, dedicated to the mission of decreasing the incidence of skin cancer through public and professional education and research. We provide pro-bono services to non-profit organizations such as Goodwill and have close affiliation with research universities such as Yale, Columbia, Penn State, and University of North Texas. We support 1st Gen and STEM students with internships and  mentorship.

We look forward to discussing with you about how we can serve your business. We welcome a time to speak with you so we can align to your strategic goals. Contact us directly at (646) 535-0110 and by email at info@saferock.com.