Improve Return on Capital

We improve the return on capital for your company by strategically driving the growth of your business, reducing costs, and improving internal operational efficiency. We employ systems to enable ‘one-time’ data entry and improve your workflow. We build agile operations that reduce costs and increase profits, while at the same time increasing the ROI of your internal investments and growth strategy.


You can strengthen the core of your company with digital transformation, strategic planning, and support for acquisition and spinoff. We help our clients establish and pursue strategic priorities, identify strategies to enhance company value, and provide deep operational perspective to help achieve their goals. Our success begins and ends with our commitment to our client’s success.
$20 Billion Multichannel Company
$20 Billion Multichannel Brand Improves Marketing & Merchandising
  • This 20+ billion dollar client had multiple problems in workflow adversely affecting over 200 managers in merchandising, marketing and production systems, with budget overruns of millions of dollars.
  • Management wanted to to simplify cumbersome and expensive processes and eliminate costs overruns.
  • We worked with the EVP of merchandising and marketing and his direct reports to craft a plan of action to improve both systems and workflow.
  • Our approach was to first truly understand the problems. Second, we framed alternatives that would simplify workflow and reduce errors. Third, we prepared the business case that could be taken to the Executive Board for approval and execution. This business case included a detailed ROI based on our recommendations.
  • We successfully implemented a highly vetted and structured plan to streamline internal workflow and production.
  • This strategy included timeline, best practices, and KPIs to measure progress.
  • Our goal was to ensure low risk and high return, to eliminate pain points, and get rid of expense overruns.
  • Savings exceeded $10 million annually, with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 20 X.


We provide boards and management teams with independent judgment and deep expertise as they navigate ways to improve business operations and confirm strategic decisions. We also make the business more nimble by increasing efficiency and streamlining workflows.
Improved Manufacturer P&L
Improved P&L for a Speciality Manufacturing Company 
  • A specialty manufacturer needed to get a better handle on internal marketing costs, improve P&L, and repurpose content for new product development with greater margins.
  • We conducted a P&L review with the President, CFO and VP of Marketing.
  • Based on detailed ROI analysis of product development, marketing, and production processes, we revamped operations and reduced costs.
  • Our proposed strategy was accepted. Upon approval, we engaged in a three-year transformation project that had zero project overruns and delivered a total cost reduction of 20%.