Chemicals and Industrial

Providing support today for the products of tomorrow


In light of industry 4.0 and advancements in digitization, automation, and eco-friendly technologies, high tech sectors and engineered products are surging forward. For example, wearables, B2B commerce platforms, Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, and M2M connections are all maturing technologies transforming industrial processes.

With SafeRock, challenges are transformed into opportunities to grow.

For companies that can adapt quickly, revolutions are a chance to claim technology leadership or reclaim lost ground. We cut through the clutter and can show you exactly where to focus to align your strategy with the market and turn technological opportunities into long-term profit and growth.

We offer a detailed understanding of industry combined with technical expertise from a broad network of subject matter experts and industry professionals. We have worked on multiple international projects and can provide you with the assistance you need to capitalize on emerging opportunities and create long-term value for your company, from top-management consulting and strategy development, to operational performance enhancement.

We work with our clients to reduce risk, identify opportunities for growth, assess and improve S&OP and innovation processes, all while increasing overall company value. The complex environment that faces the chemical and industrial sectors today allows room for value creation. SafeRock’s analytics can help you understand your company’s strengths and its strategic value drivers, and will help enact positive change with proven methods and detailed advice. 


We have deep experience in the Industrial and Chemicals sector, including:

  • Commodities, Specialty, Fine Chemicals and Custom Manufacturing
  • Construction & Building Products
  • Contract Manufacturing, CRO, CDMO, CMO
  • Electronics
  • EV Batteries and Lithium
  • Fuel Additives
  • Greases & Lubricants
  • Metalworking Fluids
  • Pharmaceuticals and Agricultural Chemicals
  • Personal Care, Institutional & Industrial Cleaning, and Home Care
  • Paint and Coatings
  • Pulp & Paper


SafeRock supports data-driven decisions with modeling, forecasting, and simulations for companies small and large. 

Our mission is to transform the industry by helping companies become future-ready and generate incremental shareholder value. Our successful track record is codified in analytics to improve productivity and enhance integration in the digital age.

Our team understands the depth of your needs and works closely with your company to perform detailed analyses to jointly improve sales and operations, strengthen your innovation pipeline, and extend your financial runway. We focus on pragmatic solutions that increase shareholder value and market capitalization. 

We can help company management to grow business value, improve strategic position, grow your leadership, deliver data-driven outcomes, and help you reach your customer goals.


Connect with us to learn more about our experience and expertise in the chemical industry and understand how our clients grow.