Digital Transformation

Improve seamlessly

Some questions to consider regarding digital transformation are: How should one go about operational restructuring and cost reduction? Can one understand markets in greater detail and improve the accuracy of demand forecasts with more modern digital systems for capturing and analyzing data? With digital transformation, can one link supply chain and manufacturing directly? Will a single source of data and process transparency help establish a clear, direct line of sight to the customer? 

We believe that operational and digital excellence can deliver key wins for management. We are privileged to work with Google, Facebook, Oracle, SAP and others in North America, and have detailed knowledge of ERP systems, data lakes, and on-prem and cloud platforms on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure.

As a first step to digital transformation, we recommend that the company undertake a small pilot to measure ROI for a specific area, and capture a ‘before’ and ‘after’ snapshot to document the business case and financial ROI. Then present this to the company management and steering committee and prepare to act quickly.  

We know how advancing digital technologies can lead to business success. We accompany you in the digital world with fast and secure IT systems, innovations based on IoT (Internet of Things), blockchain, artificial intelligence, analytics and cloud as well as intelligently connected applications and business processes using SQL, ETL, and API-driven constructs in a multi-tier architecture. 

We implement Big Data and analytics in diverse projects spanning several sectors. Our successful track record is codified in sophisticated, reusable algorithms and models for a variety of applications — digital transformations at the operational level, improving marketing ROI, tried-and-tested asset valuation models, and more. 



We offer a unique blend of Strategy and Science. This results in best-in-class solutions that are driven by data science and profound analytic thinking. 

For example, advanced processes like Neural Networks can improve demand forecast accuracy. Big Data systems can then run models that incorporate AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools and apply Machine Learning to organize the process and run calculations in near real-time. This enables speed and timeliness of our analysis, with outcomes based on granular data.

We improve productivity using our experience with modeling, forecasting, and simulations. Our successful track record is codified in digital transformations at the operational level to improve productivity, enhance integration, ensure successful measurable outcomes, and more.

 In the midst of digitalization, data security is seen as one of the biggest challenges as companies worry about the potential loss of sensitive data if they collaborate with competitors or IT firms. We can guide you through this. 



SafeRock develops innovative technology solutions. We bring our customers onto the cloud, integrate digital processes and, where desired, take over the operation and support of IT systems. 

Our approach is a fast-paced, highly iterative, agile methodology that is geared towards rapid development that delivers value at all points in the business life cycle. We support project teams that involve multiple disciplines and multiple distributed locations. 

Our patented technology and deep proprietary IP in algorithms can reduce total costs of operations. We strengthen outcomes around data transparency, and data harmonization, and help establish a ‘single source of truth’ for your company.

We combine new approaches to your business for optimal flexibility and cost advantages. Through our process, we can utilize huge quantities of real-time data to provide strategy and recommendations for our clients, resulting in improved outcomes.



We can provide insight into the trends, targets and levers in your industry in order to bring you forward and exceed your goals. Connect with us for a confidential conversation.