Anticipate what’s around the corner

For companies everywhere, market pressure is rising. COVID-19 has further accelerated these rates of change, altering consumer sentiment and discretionary spend, impacting both consumer and industrial sectors, as well as disrupting global supply chains. This creates opportunity for investors and companies as they position themselves through the economic rebound.

SafeRock advises growing companies with our strategic advisory, M&A, and business services. We are also supporting clients that need to shrink operations to reduce their costs, improve efficiency of spend, and reset their business model so they can emerge more nimble and slimmer.



SafeRock is committed to providing independent advice that is discreet, objective, and removed from conflict. 

We have a long history of providing impartial advice to Management and Boards and assisting them to meet fiduciary duties and obligations in complex situations. We have advised on a wide range of business challenges and opportunities.



SafeRock’s strategic advisory business provides tactical advice to financial sponsors and both public and private companies. We have differentiated experience across a broad range of industry sectors and markets. 

We help our clients establish and pursue strategic priorities, identify strategies to enhance shareholder value, and reach deeper perspectives to help achieve their goals. Our success begins and ends with our commitment to delivering world-class client service.

Our experienced team has advised on large and complex restructuring situations  involving:

    • Closely-held companies
    • Inorganic and organic growth, strategy, and transaction
    • Buying or selling non-core assets and entire companies

We ensure that we provide unbiased advice to clients in challenging situations that can transform value. Our team is seamlessly integrated with SafeRock’s strategic advisory, and we have worked with multiple partners to help you select the best choice from available alternatives and execute to drive value.



SafeRock provides independent financial restructuring advice to companies, creditors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. 

Our track record is one of developing innovative approaches that create a unifying view across diverse stakeholders, designed to maximize value and minimize operational, people, and customer risk.

 Our experienced team has advised on large and complex restructuring situations to:

    • Increase market capitalization
    • Buy and sell non-core assets (and entire companies) in a distressed or non-distressed context
    • Establish new growth strategies
    • Drive Innovation and R&D 
    • Increase market growth and develop disruptive technologies
    • Recapture lost sales



SafeRock provides independent advisory to corporate clients and works in close partnership with SafeRock’s strategic advisory. Our experience includes:

    • Debt restructuring
    • Credit ratings support
    • Capital markets advisory 
    • Increasing financial stability
    • Improving shareholder value



We can provide insight into the trends, targets and levers in your industry in order to bring you forward and exceed your goals. Connect with us for a confidential conversation.