Grow Business Value

For companies everywhere, market pressure is rising. The current COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated these rates of change, driving down consumer sentiment and reducing discretionary spend, reducing jobs and incomes, and disrupting global supply chains. This creates opportunity for investors and companies as they position themselves after the economic downturn.

SafeRock advises growing companies with our strategic advisory, M&A, and business services. We are also supporting clients that need to shrink operations to reduces their costs, improve efficiency of spend, and reset their Business Model so they can emerge more nimble and slimmer.


SafeRock’s practice shows our overall commitment to providing independent advice that is discreet, objective, and removed from conflict. We have a long history of providing impartial advice to Management and Boards and assisting them to meet fiduciary duties and obligations in complex situations. We have advised on a wide range of transactions and significant situations.
SafeRock’s Strategic Advisory business provides tactical and strategic advice to financial sponsors and both public and private companies that is differentiated across a broad range of industry sectors and geographies. We help our clients establish and pursue strategic priorities, identify strategies to enhance shareholder value, and prepare new ideas and deeper perspective to help achieve their goals. Our success begins and ends with our commitment to delivering world-class client service.
Improved Shareholder Value
Improved Shareholder Value for $30+ Billion Public Company
  • A $30+ billion dollar international corporation wanted to improve its US investor profile as well as increase liquidity and shareholder value. The company is of the top ten globally in its sector. The company has international operations in 30 countries.
  • We advised the CEO and the investor team and laid out a strategy including a detailed, vetted target list of over 500+ investors and funds. We prepared confidential briefings for the CEO, conducted fund research, developed investor presentations, and arranged for meetings.
  • We generated greater investor engagement and higher market valuation.
  • SafeRock successfully advised the CEO and executive team.
  • We improved the message for investors and increased valuation.


In advising companies on an acquisition, merger, or sale, we evaluate potential targets, provide valuations and selection criteria, and evaluate and propose strategic alternatives. We provide boards and management teams with independent judgment and deep expertise as they navigate their most critical transactions and strategic decisions. We also advise as to the timing, structure, and pricing of a proposed transaction as well as assist in negotiations to close the deal.
SafeRock provides advice for the structuring of public and private transactions – including mergers, spin-offs, sales, and joint ventures – that are intended to optimize business performance and strategic alignment of portfolio companies, in addition to other objectives of the deal.


SafeRock provides independent financial restructuring advice to companies, creditors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. We ensure that we provide unbiased advice to clients on complex valuations and transformational situations. Our team is seamlessly integrated with SafeRock’s strategic advisory, ensuring clients receive advice across the range of potential alternatives. Our track record is one of developing innovative approaches that create a unifying view across diverse stakeholders, designed to maximize value and minimize execution risk.
Our experienced team has advised on large and complex restructuring situations  involving:
  1.  Crucial stakeholder negotiations
  2.  Complex and highly leveraged situations
  3.  Buying or selling non-core assets and entire companies in a distressed or non-distressed context
Increased M&A Transaction Value
Increased M&A Transaction Value for $6+ billion Omni-channel Company
  • The Management of a $6+ billion public company engaged us to advise them during the sale of the company after an activist investor declared interest. The company has a national presence that combines both online and physical commerce. The goal was to advise management on increasing the company’s selling price and benefit shareholders.
  • Working with the CFO, we crafted the investor strategy as they opened up the company to bidding by multiple suitors. We helped the team prepare for the prospective investor meetings and discussions. We reviewed and helped construct the appropriate financial and business presentations, and examined their impact on top-line sales, EBITDA, and cash flow.
  • The company was successfully sold to private equity at a 35% premium to initial market price.
  • This was one of the largest M&A transactions in the sector for the year.


SafeRock provides independent advisory to corporate clients and works in close partnership with SafeRock’s strategic advisory. Our experience includes:
  • Debt restructuring
  • Credit ratings advisory
  • Islamic (Shariah) finance