SafeRock serves global and regional companies in North America and Europe, and has deep experience serving the consumer, industrial, food, retail, education, and energy sectors. We advise public and private with debt restructuring, M&A, Strategy, EBIT improvement, IT Modernization, and Cost reduction.

SafeRock works with companies that are facing transformative challenges and need objective, realistic advice. With our strategic advisory, S&OP improvement, B2B and B2C experience, and technology services, we also help clients right-size operations and reset their business model so as to overcome challenges and become more nimble. 

We continually leverage our deep operational expertise and combine it with best practices to support stakeholders and increase company value.

We assist our clients to:

  • Improve financial bottom line
  • Strengthen S&OP
  • Capture lost sales
  • Gain market share 
  • Leverage data to improve decisions 
  • Reduce workload for staff and increase productivity



We support your mission and improve productivity through modeling, forecasting, and simulations. We enable your policy decisions with our proven digital modernization strategies and data-driven decision support tools.

SafeRock has developed its own proprietary tools and algorithms that optimize ROI and we offer these to integrate online and offline commerce.

Our data science solutions can:

  • Identify anomalies and errors using AI, ML, and RPA 
  • Strengthen models, forecasts, and simulations
  • Accurately and quickly flag fraud and waste

Utilizing robust mathematical modeling developed with industry SMEs, SafeRock reduces waste and increases value by identifying at-risk observations early on. Our powerful engine works in near real-time using sophisticated models and proprietary algorithms to improve results. These models are used to create accurate, best-in-class forecasts for our clients.